At Sutton James, aviation insurance is all we do. We draw upon our experience as former aviation underwriters, pilots, and over 20 years of brokerage experience to negotiate the best insurance deals for our customers.

Aircraft Insurance

Non-Commercially Used Airplanes and Helicopters

Whether you are buying your first aircraft or have been flying for years, we can help you over the insurance hurdle. From helping you decide how much to cover your airplane for, to determining what is an adequate limit of liability, our pilot-brokers will take the time to make sure that you understand what your choices are, what you have bought, and that it is right for you. We are aircraft owners ourselves, so we know the drill.

135 Charter Operators

Several of us have worked for charter operations, both flying and on the ground. We are well versed in the issues you face as an operator. We can help you to avoid paying more than you have to, while still buying coverage that fits your needs. We can help with details like reviewing hangar leases and aircraft management contracts. We have been providing insurance for charter operators for over 20 years. We can also provide the other coverage that you need, like workers compensation, property, and automobile insurance. By working with us, you can spend more time focused on your business, and less time worrying about your insurance program.

Agriculture Operations

Whether you operate a fixed or rotary-wing, whether you do row crop work or forestry work, we can help you make certain that you have the coverage you need for the work that you are doing, without breaking the bank!

Flight Schools

The process of teaching new pilots to fly carries unique hazards that require comprehensive insurance to protect the airplane and the liability arising from its use. Premiums associated with insurance for flight schools are high for this reason, and will be one of a flight school’s largest single expense. We can help minimize that expense, help with rental and leaseback agreements, and provide you with other coverage that you might need, like aviation worker’s compensation, airport liability and property insurance.

Very Light Jets, Owner-Flown Jets, Turboprops and Helicopters

Considering stepping up into your first turbine? At Sutton James, we have been helping owners make the move into turbines for over 20 years. We can work with you to put together a package of training and initial operating experience that will get you over the hurdles of insurance for VLJ’s and other owner-flown turbine aircraft. We also have access to sources of excess liability coverage so that you won’t have to bet the farm every time you fly. If you are considering a move up, contact us, and we will be happy to give you our thoughts, without obligation.

Corporate Airplanes and Helicopters

Most of our experience as underwriters involved insuring corporate flight departments. We understand the complexity of the daily operations of companies who fly in support of their business, having covered it for almost 30 years (and since we do it ourselves). Sutton James can help you to understand the insurance you are buying. Our brokers try to visit each of our corporate clients annually. We think it’s important to meet with flight department people, as well as the head office people who write the check. We can also help you with things like, hangar leases, engine lease contracts and the like. Our clients operate all kinds of corporate airplanes and helicopters, both domestically and abroad. We have also helped our clients through a wide array of claims, including ingestion, hail, ramp strikes, lightning and theft. The details are what make insurance programs succeed or fail. Contact us and let us take care of the details for you!

Air Tour Operators

Whether it’s a helicopter tour operator in New York City or a floatplane sightseeing company in Zimbabwe, we have covered it. We understand the diversity of operations, and can provide you with insurance for your sightseeing operation, whether large or small, fixed-wing or helicopter, one airplane or a dozen.

Light Sport Airplanes (LSA’s)

If you are considering stepping into sport aviation, contact us for your LSA insurance needs. We have owned a Light Sport Aircraft for two years now. We have helped people get into sport airplanes for the first time, as well as experienced pilots who are getting back into the cockpit after many years. Whichever end of the LSA spectrum you are on, we can find you insurance for a reasonable price.

Non-Owned Aircraft Liability Insurance

Many corporations and individuals use airplanes and helicopters, which they do not own for personal travel or in support of a business. Some use non-owned aircraft directly, and sometimes the use is indirect. Either way, the liability can be substantial. Coverage for non-owned aircraft must be looked at carefully to make certain that all bases have been covered. Whether you are an individual who rents airplanes, or a corporation that charters them, we can protect you, your family, your business and your employees. Call us today!